Integrated marketing and design

Ravensfoot Design is an integrated marketing and design company providing creative communication solutions, such as web site development, graphic design, email marketing, corporate branding, and social media. Our process involves much more than just cranking out designs. We take a complete hands-on approach and take the time to learn about a client’s company, it’s products and services and the end customer. In many cases the process that we go through to discover as much as we can about our client ends up helping the client to better understand their target market.

At Ravensfoot, we develop solutions based on strategy. We have the skills and experience to know what, when, where, and how to use the available technologies and marketing tactics to meet and exceed your business goals. Having the latest gadget of feature in your website design is not always going to help your cause and in some cases could turn potential customers away.


Air Vac Services
Amber Alert GPS Canada
BC Hot House
Blue Pepper Banner Stands
Britco Structures
Canycom USA
Charles Real Estate
Cloverdale Paint
Concord Pacific
Discovery Software
Edmonds Batteries & Recycling
Emerge Online
Enterprise Magazine
FORGE Marketing
Fraserway RV
G3 Genuine Guide Gear
GVRD Metro Vancouver
Haymack Auto Glass
Holland Residential
J&B BBQ Sauce
Ignite Communications
Industrial Marine Technology
Jansen Blyth
JD Tax Associates
Joeys Restaurants
ICT Parking
Kinetic Sales
Kinetix Media
London Eye Centre
Mad Dogs Sports
Martini Construction
Maui Jim Inc.
OMara & Ryan
Pace Processing
Play Outdoors
Quiniscoe Homes
Richmond Auto Mall

R Group Communications
Resource Training Org.
Selwyn Chihong Mining Ltd.
Sipco Bioengineering
Sixth Line Solutions
SKC Engineering
Softac Systems Ltd.
Spring Advertising
Teck Resources
The Dunes Palm Springs
Track Machienery
Wasserman & Partners
Western Direct Fundraising
Yellow Fence Rentals

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